Unlike the “deal factory” investment firm, a quick sale is not our primary objective: realizing a near term exit is not paramount to the success of our investment methods. We limit our investments to a select few opportunities, and focus management on decision-making for long-term sustainable growth. Although we opportunistically pursue exits, we are willing to hold onto our successful companies for extended periods.

1) We create prudent financial structures designed to promote strong cash flow. This allows reinvestment of profits in long-term growth plans.

2) As a fund with no outside limited partner investors, we have complete discretion over our investments. We are not subject to pressure from investment partners to seek short-term gains. Rather we concentrate our efforts on long-term



value creation in our portfolio companies.

3) Our long term orientation and patience allow us to capitalize on opportunities far into the future. We can realize a successful investment return through opportunistic exit, or distribution of surplus cash to shareholders and management.